Open Progress Forum

One of strategy‘s ‘Lithuania 2030’ implementing instruments - Open Progress Forum. During the events interested parties are included – by participating they are learning and by applying the acquired knowledge and experience they effectively contribute to the implementation of the strategy and pursued changes. Open Progress Forums' mission - to promote and support the ongoing public debate with society on country's development processes, priorities and values. ACF topics are approved by the State Progress Council, taking into account the progress made in implementing the annual progress actions and other factors. Businessmen, community leaders, scientists and activists form the core of the Forum. 

Forums are a tool to encourage the public to contribute to the implementation of annual progress actions. There are concrete proposals in conclusions made after forums – they can be included in next year's list of progress actions. During the forums best practices/initiatives and successful examples of projects are also identified.

There have already been 7 forums throughout 2012-2015.

1 | Local communities: do we want, are able and can act?

In September of 2012 Open Progress Forum on topic of local communities has taken place.  

The objectives of the event were to hear about good experiences of Lithuanian and foreign local communities and also to answer questions what we should do in order for local communities to want and be able to act. The result of the event was three proposals-projects for the National Progress programme 2014-2020 prepared by working groups.


2 | Education leaders renew Lithuania

In February-March of 2013 Open Progress Forum ‘Education leaders renew Lithuania’ was held. Forum was dedicated to education, with the objective to gather the opinion leaders of education to discuss the pressing issues of the system of education of Lithuania.  Leader development, pupil engagement and school autonomy were among the topics discussed, along with ideas on how to achieve the objectives of national education. Summarized forum rezults were presented to State Progress Council.


3 | Welfare state model - Nordic experience and perspectives in Lithuania

In September 2013 – March 2014 third Progress forum on topic of welfare state model took place. Forum's goals were to to deepen public knowledge of the Nordic welfare state model - what are the advantages, challenges at the moment. One of the goals was to initiate a discussion with politicians, scientists, public officials and the general public what Lithuania could take over while creating its own welfare state model. During the forum 5 lectures-discussions were held on various topics: Welfare State Model, Family Policy, Welfare Technologies, Culture Policy, Labour Market Policy. Presentations were made by experts from Nordic countries and Lithuania. Forum events attracted more than 500 participants. After Forum events all the suggested ideas were summarised and presented to the State Progress Council as proposals for progress actions. 


4 | Children's creativity 24/7

In June-November of 2014 the fourth Progress Forum ‘Children's creativity 24/7’ took place. The events that were held in Utena, Marijampolė, Panevėžys and Vilnius, have attracted over 400 participants: primary and secondary school teachers, lecturers, representatives from education associations and non-governmental organizations, civil servants, politicians, scientists. Events focused on three areas of children's creativity in education - teachers, the learning environment (classroom creativity) and creative communities (creativity outside the classroom).

Forum focused on strategies how to enable teachers to develop creativity-friendly environment for children; what kind of learning environment evokes creativity; how to get parents be more involved in nurturing children's creativity.

Result of the forum was a thematic study and ideas proposed during the events – ideas that were aimed at improving the education system. Those ideas were proposed as progress actions to the State Progress Council. 


5 | Lifelong learning

In January-February of 2015 the fifth Open Progress Forum on topic of Lifelong learning has taken place. Forum vents involved various groups: representatives of formal education - adult educators, representatives from adult education centres and schools, colleges, vocational, secondary schools and pre-schools; representatives of non-formal and self-education - art schools, multifunctional centres, libraries, communities, non-governmental organizations and Third Age universities; local labour exchange agencies, representatives from municipal administrations.

Events in Alytus, Plungė, Zarasai and Vilnius attracted more than 400 participants. Ideas on improving policy in the field of education which were spoken during the events were generalized and presented in a thematic study.


6 | Innovative public sector - mission possible?

In April-June of 2015 Forum on topic ‘Innovative public sector - mission possible?’ has taken place. Regional and final events attracted more than 350 participants from public institutions, municipal administrations, local communities, business, science, etc. Ideas on improving public policy which were spoken during the events were generalized and presented in a thematic study about the topic.


7 | Socially responsible business 2015: where are we heading?

In October of 2015 Progress Forum ‘Socially responsible business 2015: where are we heading?’ was held. The event, which took place in Vilnius, attracted over 100 participants representing public authorities, municipal administrations, business and scientific community. Situation in Lithuania was analyzed in a thematic study ‘Socially responsible business: where are we heading?’, submitted proposals for improving public policy in the area of socially responsible business are published there aswell.